Weeds are annoying because we aren’t listening to them!

Love your weeds. Does that make you tilt your head in confusion? You may be thinking weeds can’t talk. Well, you’re right, they don’t speak English, but they are telling you something about your soil and the message is very important.

Ever since I began studying Permaculture several years ago, I have transitioned my thinking and perception on weeds. No longer do I think of them as an annoyance that must die, but rather I start to understand their purpose in rehabilitating the landscape. I appreciate their message and begin to proactively fix the problem they highlight. In doing so, those weeds no longer need to exist and will stop germinating.

You heard that right, if you listen to your weeds and fix what they are trying to fix themselves, those weeds will no longer germinate on your property! Even though there are thousands upon thousands of seeds in your soil!

Sounds like a miracle right?

Well it’s kind of is a miracle. Mother nature really knows what she’s doing.

I know, I know. You’re thinking there is no way an evil weeds like bindweed (Convolvus arvensi) or goatheads/puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris) have a purpose. They are simply there to frustrate and cause havoc.

Sorry. They actually have a very important purpose. Actually a couple purposes. First they spread rapidly and blanket the soil which prevents erosion and evaporation. The mat of vines and leaves collect organic matter blown by the wind and when they eventually die, that organic matter slowly works to build up the soil humus.

In Permaculture we always say, the problem is the solution. This thinking get us to uncover the hidden potential and solutions to everyday problems.

Watch the video below to see how amazing Mother Nature and her weeds really are.

In this series of blogs, I will be highlighting a common noxious, irritating weed and helping uncover the message they are sending as well as proactive ways to eradicate them.

Learn to Love Bindweed (or at least appreciate the work it’s doing)
Goat Heads! Puncture Vine!  Oh no!

Please nominate your own nemesis in the comments below and I will add it to my list of weeds to stop hating and start loving.

Stay tuned.

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