The Design Process

Are you dreaming of transforming your property?

As your designer, I take extra care to truly understand your needs and aspirations, both short-term and long-term.  The Design Process has three phases: Site Analysis, Design Consult and Discussion and Final Design. This process digs deep into the ins and outs of your landscape, lifestyle and ambitions to create a plan to transform your property to be regenerative and eco-friendly.

Site Analysis

This phase includes telephone or on-site assessment.  I dig deep into the existing conditions of your property including, climate, weather, micro-climates, soils, sun angles, wind patterns and more to truly understand the starting point of your landscape.  In this phase, you will receive a detailed data table or your property’s current conditions, a basemap that provides the foundation of the design, a plant list and current vegetation map.

This phase is the foundation for quality design.  It provides a clear picture and foundation for sound design implementation.

Design Consultation and Discussion

Phase 2 takes off from the groundwork already laid.  Taking what we know, we will detail out the functional spaces, discuss design drivers and  limitations, begin a plan to utilize existing resources to our advantage, begin to prioritize a project implementation timeline.  A concept design will be created that may include livestock management, food production spaces, water management plans, alternative energies, greenhouses, roads and site circulation and more.  

This phase hammers out the design possibilities to meet your goals while respecting the sites’ limitations.

Detailed Plan

The last phase brings all of the discussions and groundwork together to give you an in-depth design.  The design will include estimated installation costs, proposed project timeline based on agreed upon priorities, detailed plant list with counts for number of plants, design narrative, earthworks and water management plan.

This final design phase gives you a powerful tool to transform your property; whether you plan to do it yourself, or hire professionals.

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