Compost Sales

Compost is an important part of rebuilding the soil food web.  It is important to recognize that not all compost is created equal.  MOST compost available on the market today fails to provide the necessary soil biology to rebuild the soil life and benefit your plants. 

I produce a limited amount of compost made from locally collected organic waste from businesses, neighbors and my own household.

Due to the limited quantities I can produce, I sell compost by the pound.    I highly encourage everyone to brew compost teas and extracts to spread the biology efficiently!  

1 pound of my biologically active compost, brewed into a tea in a 5 gallon bucket can easily cover  5,000 square feet of garden or more!  

Application Rates For compost teas

I recommend applying the aerated tea once a month for 3 months starting in April.  Application does require some specific considerations to ensure maximum biology survival.

  • Filters should be 400 microns. Any smaller and you risk filtering out biology
  • Sprayer nozzel should have a 1 millimeter opening
  • Apply when it is cool outside (morning or evening)
  • Sprayer pressure should not exceed 80 psi
  • Sprayer filters should be removed
  • 90 degree angles on sprayer could cause biology to slam against the side, killing some of the organisms you worked hard to grow.
  • Sprayer should be easily disassembled to clean immediately after use to prevent biofilm from accumulating.
  • Spray all surfaces of the plant until it drips