How to Store Your Compost to Preserve its Quality

Don't risk losing your soil microbes!!

proper way to store your compost to preserve the soil microbiology

<strong “>This is the eighth post in the backyard composting series.

Once you’ve created high quality compost in your backyard, properly storing it is important to preserve the active microorganisms. Below is a list of considerations to help you keep amazing compost alive until you’re ready to eat it.

4 considerations to keep your backyard compost teaming with life

If you do not have an immediate use for your compost, these guidelines will help to keep the soil microbiology thriving.
Keep in Cool. Keep it Damp. Keep It Aerated.
  • Find a shady spot protected from wind. I like to place my compost directly on the ground. If that isn’t possible, lift the compost so air can access the underneath as well.
  • Cover your pile with a breathable fabric.  I like to use burlap as I can water the fabric.  If you use a tarp, prevent the tarp from resting on the pile and blocking oxygen.
  • Finished compost has a fine texture so air can move within the pile. Turn in once or twice a month and check for moisture levels.
  • Keep your pile moist, but not dripping wet.  The goal is to be able to squeeze a single drop out of a handful of compost.
These simple steps will ensure your compost remains biologically active.   Up Next:  Ways to Use Your Backyard Compost.  Subscribe below to catch the next post.

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