The Design Process

Are you dreaming of transforming your property?

As your designer, I take extra care to truly understand your needs and aspirations, both short-term and long-term.  The Design Process has several stages: On-site Consultation & Proposal, Conceptual Plan, Master Plan and Implementation Timeline. This process digs deep into the ins and outs of your landscape, lifestyle and ambitions.

On-Site Consultation

During the hour long consultation, we tour your property together so I can learn more about your aspirations and needs as well as get a feel for what the landscape’s potential is.  From this meeting, I create a written customized design proposal that lays out the improvements we discussed.

Conceptual Design Plan

This process starts with detailed site analysis and measurements.  It allows a honest view of what is actually possible within your landscape and how to best match your desires with what exists.  The Conceptual Plan will be a birds-eye view of the proposed design showcasing placement and flow.

Detailed Master Plan

After reviewing the concept design plan, I take your feedback to create a detailed, final plan.  The plan includes detailed materials and placement for plants, structures and earthworks.  We will review the master plan together so you feel confident as you prepare for implementation.

Implementation Plan

Taking your budget and schedule into consideration, a phased implementation plan is created to set you up for success.

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