I am very excited to share with you my knowledge and expertise surrounding soil health and creating a foundation to support life from the ground up! I offer a variety of services and products to help you achieve a regenerative landscape.

Pre-Design Plans

Downloadable designs coming soon.

In permaculture, we like to say “the problem is the solution”.  It may sound backwards, but by taking lessons from nature and carefully applying them to your unique needs, I can create a sustainable and regenerative landscape that will save you time and money.

 I work with environmentally conscious people who want to take their personal sustainability to the next level and are not sure where to start. If you are ready to craft your landscape to be regenerative and abundant, I create customized landscape designs utilizing permaculture principles.

Located in Grand Junction, CO, I look forward to helping you craft a regenerative landscape that is not only easier to maintain, but will yield an abundance for you and your family.

Stay a while.