Compost FAQs

Biologically active compost is teaming with the good guys and is ready to accelerate your soil.  Our compost is sold by the pound with the purpose of being used to brew compost teas and compost extracts.  

One pound of our compost will easily brew 5-10 gallons of compost tea, and cover an area of 5,000-10,000 sq. ft. of garden!

We recommend applying aerated compost teas to your garden at least 3 times in a season. Ideally April, June and August.  

Properly brewed teas can be applied anytime throughout the growing season and as frequent as weekly.  

We offer soil assessments to help you get a better idea of how much life you need to add back to your soils.

Finished compost should be stored out of the direct sunlight.  It is important the the pile not dry out or get too hot, as this will kill the biology.  It is also important the it gets proper air circulation, to avoid the compost from going anaerobic and breeding the ‘bad guys’. 

Water your compost with chlorine/chloramine free water as it will kill the biology.  Also avoid using distilled water.

This hose filter is fantastic for watering your compost piles. (affiliate link)

The compost should be evenly moist but not soggy.  It should be crumbly in your hand and stick together when you squeeze it.  The goal is to be able to squeeze just a single drop of water out of a handful.  Any more than that, your compost may be going anaerobic.

Likely not.  When a compost pile goes anaerobic, the good biology goes dormant and the bad biology wakes up.   Changing the conditions to make your pile aerobic again will put the bag guys to sleep and the good guys will wake back up.

To dry out your pile, simply turn it and spread it out giving it extra air flow.  Make sure to break up any clumps so ensure even air circulation.

Aerobic compost teas and extracts should be used up within a few hours of brewing.  The biology is very active and will consume any suspended oxygen quickly.

After applying to your soil and plants, any leftover teas and extracts can be applied to a compost pile (active or finished).  

You also can’t apply too much aerobic compost tea and extract. So you can always give your soil and garden plants a little extra.  Even consider spraying your trees or lawn!  They’ll love the boost of biology!

Early morning or late afternoon to early evening.  Ideally the ambient temperature should be under 80 degrees F to prevent the suns intensity from killing the biology.

It’s important to remember that not all compost on the market is biologically active.  We test the compost we sell to ensure the proper soil biology is present.

To purchase our biologically active compost, please visit our compost sales page.

Making your own 5-gallon compost tea brewer is simple.  We offer periodic workshops where we build your brewer.  

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