Workshops and Events

There’s no better way to learn than doing.  By attending one of my workshops, you will  learn life-long skills, get your hands dirty and have a great time!

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BACKYARD COMPOSTING WORKSHOP : Get your hands dirty and learn several successful ways to compost at home.  This 3 hour class includes an overview of the various methods of composting, hands on compost building, and brewing compost tea!  Wear appropriate attire. Please wear a hat, closed-toe shoes, water and gloves.  Attendees will gain the skill and confidence to successfully manage a backyard composting system.

INSTALLING A FOOD FOREST:  Put our bio active compost to work with your own 5-gallon compost tea brewer.  Let’s build a brewer together!  All materials are included except the pump.  You can purchase the proper aeration pump here (affiliate link).

INSTALLING A FOOD FOREST:  Reforesting your yard is a way to help combat climate change and what’s better than doing your part to sequester carbon WHILE you reap the edible benefits of your forest. In this 1/2 day workshop, attendees will learn the 7 layers to a forest garden, how to properly layout a forest garden how to plant correctly and how to manage the forest as it grows.  Wear appropriate attire. Please wear a hat, closed-toe shoes, water and gloves.

Do you have an idea for a workshop? Would you like a private, one-on-one lesson?  Fantastic!  Contact me today!